It sits there taunting me with its dual colored

appearance.  Lovingly, I look over the red sides

connected by a black tubing in the middle with

rounded black handles on each end.

Searching for others who might want my precious.

I slowly, cautiously proceed to lift the tug toy into my mouth.

Oh the rapture, oh the joy, I love it.  I tear at it, pull at it,

I tug my tug toy.  I have found my bliss.


Flash Fiction 2

My wife sits in the passenger seat as I talk to her.  I hear a couple of car doors which prompts me to look over.  See guys, looking back at me, they start to head over.  I ask them if I can help them, they say nothing, just keep walking over.  I ask them again, again nothing.  I tell them that I have nothing but they still keep coming.  Stop! Stop! I yell, then all I remember are the gunshots. 


Life is meant to be hard, no one said it would be easy unless you had those helicopter parents who were more concerned with being your friend than your mom or dad.  Giving up is easy, pushing forward, struggling against the tide, this is what you have to do.  It’s the only way, so stop whining and get moving.  Life is meant to be lived, so get on with it and start living.


I could not find you though I tried,

When we did find you, you had died.

Your body we cleaned up to ship home,

Maggots had eaten down to your bone.

Sorry I failed you, sorry I couldn’t

bring you home.